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The Trustees

Mark Painter– Chair
Patricia Trembath MBE -Secretary
Marina Vishnevskaya  – Treasurer
Elsie Sutherland – Vice Chair
Clarence Levy
Bernard Glazier
Amy Smith
Sandra Potter

Non-voting Local Authority Nominees

Councillor Angela Wilkins (Bromley Representative)
Councillor Jon Hartley (Southwark Representative)

Members of Staff

Tracey Skillern- Trust Manager
John Gazeley – Projects & Performance Officer
Gita Bakare – Trust Development Manager
Shernet Cameron – Administrative Officer
Rebecca Knowles – Kingswood Shop Co-ordinator
David Frazier – Lead Youth Worker
Youth Workers; Aaron Duncan, Simone Cohen, Giuseppe Lomeo & Ryan Bish
Caretakers; Robert Thompson, Cleveland Gayle, Chris James, Tyrone Smith, Mikhail Preddie & Leroy Robinson